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Krehalon offer a range of innovative packaging solutions for cheeses which have been developed with the benefit of offering maturation opportunities for the packed product. Krehalon’s range of shrink bags and automated systems for cheeses allow for high barrier or gas permeability types for long storage hard cheeses or respiring cheese grades both during the maturation stages and for retail ready packaging formats.

Our Shrink Bag Replacement automation systems are well suited for the cheese market as the packs are normally uniform and consistent in shape and size. We can help you achieve maximum efficiency of the cheese packing process by reducing labour costs, material usage and pack rework. We can offer the most suitable shrink barrier SBR solution for you dependent on your preferred flowrapping or thermoforming equipment.


Krehalon pride themselves on an exceptional range of high-abuse cheese packaging. We are able to offer unmatched in-built puncture protection for your most demanding high abuse cheese applications (e.g. hard cheeses such as Parmesan and Pecorino Romano).

As Kureha are the world market leaders in the extrusion of PVDC barrier films, Krehalon also offer a range of high barrier PVDC films that are ideal for wrapping fresh soft cheeses.

For retail ready applications, we also offer up to 10-colour flexographic printed shrink bags and films that enhance shelf appeal and make your products stand out!

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