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The food packaging industry is a mature Industry being constantly challenged to reduce costs and squeeze profitability. As such, the only way to achieve competitive advantage and long term commercial gains, is to reduce cost or gain price advantages from product and brand differentiation. SBR™ systems offer benefits of cost reduction and pack differentiation by challenging the traditional packaging methods and operational efficiencies through automated packaging solutions.

Since the 1950’s the shrink bag market has been a manual and labour intensive process of packing foods. Therefore labour costs remain the critical cost in any food factory. The only way to reduce labour costs is to reduce working numbers through automation. Over the last decade Krehalon have innovated and developed proprietary patented films to run on high speed automated packing systems.

Using efficient Shrink Bag Replacement automation solutions will mean:

  • less labour operatives resulting in reduced labour costs
  • less material usage resulting in reduced packaging costs
  • less pack leakers resulting in reduced waste and pack reworks

Achieving reduced total pack production costs.

By reviewing your production facilities and current packaging systems, Krehalon’s experienced team can identify and calculate the total system cost savings and benefits for your business. That is why partnering with Krehalon is proven to deliver sustainable long term commercial gains.

Which Shrink Bag Replacement option best suits your needs?

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